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laugh my ass off please. it started as a typo and transformed since then on various roleplay sites.
user: that's so funny! lmaop
by i'll be your genie September 23, 2009
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laughing my ass off pooping
laughing my ass of pissing

basically laughing so hard you soil yourself
(says something generically funny)


(smells the air) EWWWWW what smells like shart?!
by superblah July 10, 2011
An Internet comunity acronym for

Laughing my arse off permenantly.

Derived from lmao. It started as a spelling mistake (adding a P) and was added thenceforth.
Person 1: WTF u noob u h4x so baaadd!!!!
Server: Person 1 was kicked. Kick message: Four words, Shut. The. Fuck. Up. and hey another four. Get the fuck out!!
Person 2: LMAOP!!!!!!!1111
by Xhysa September 03, 2005
luaghing my ass off proudly
o wow, lmaop!
by JimmyK September 18, 2003

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