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2 definitions by Xhysa

A delicious pub cocktail. In a large pint glass fill with:

Half a pint of Stella.
2 shots of Vodka.
Top up with Smirnoff Ice.
Mate, could you spare the £8 for a ninja death pint?
by Xhysa March 09, 2008
4 2
An Internet comunity acronym for

Laughing my arse off permenantly.

Derived from lmao. It started as a spelling mistake (adding a P) and was added thenceforth.
Person 1: WTF u noob u h4x so baaadd!!!!
Server: Person 1 was kicked. Kick message: Four words, Shut. The. Fuck. Up. and hey another four. Get the fuck out!!
Person 2: LMAOP!!!!!!!1111
by Xhysa September 03, 2005
8 16