short form for LANJIAO
I got a long LJ.
by Pika July 22, 2003
Its definition for LeBron James.
It's unbelievable, LJ did it again.
The best dunk i've ever senn done by LJ.
by My name April 03, 2005
Lip Job.
Gimmie an LJ
by LJS November 06, 2003
Of ancient origin. Holy lands area. First said on the Place of the Skull. LJ is a secret word used between members of a sect called "The Way". Its meaning is hidden even when it is said in full.
Commonly used in hypocritcal circles in todays culture. There are few that say LJ and really mean what it stands for †
I LJ aka LoveJesus. I really LJ, do you?
by BO October 18, 2004

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