The act of masterbating alone.

Jerking Off
Similar in nature to an H.J. but flying solo.
Gonna go home and give myself an L.J.

Looks like he's gettin an L.J. later. (if they leave alone.)
by Kgar1984 September 04, 2009
When your girl sucks another guys dick and she comes back and kisse's you without brushing her teeth you just been L.J.
Girl kisses her bf and laughs and says you just got L.J
by Jason Woodbury January 01, 2011
To fall off or over an object, usual under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. In the manner of Lisa Jackson.
"Oh my god I almost LJ'd the boardwalk"
by kdawg3 October 23, 2008
LJ=Location Joke, Referring to when someone would say 'you had to be there' at the location of which the first element of funny happened.
James: I cant get this thing in

Beth: Just like Josh hahaha

Jodie: I dont get it?

Beth: LJ
by Braiden Donaven March 18, 2010
lj often stands for loljob,
you give somebody a loljob by loling and giving them a job. It may also refer to the art of raping eggs.
definition of lj #1

brian: did you see that, sarah just gave billy a loljob

fred: srsly??

definition of lj #2

robert: I like lj
josh: omg u like raping egggs????

robert: yes...

by aldengoesfishing January 10, 2009
1) A pretender that comes out looking awkward. He who carries an extreme fake personality that makes people feel extremely uncomfortable e.g. a lurch, a schizophrenic, a loner tyna find swagger.
LJ is holds similar characteristics and looks to flavour flave ultimatly cheesy.
Carlton Banks wanabe Will-smith .. DOES NT WORK.

lol last but not least... similar to Tim westwood only Tim has swagger but an LJ don't.
by ILAUGH-hard January 26, 2009
The act of oral sex on a women.
When a women is getting LJ
by LAAAAAUUURRRAAAA September 27, 2007

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