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short for KANINA or
"fuck your mother"
usually a swear phrase
used in singapore
KNN! My LJ put into your CB, now I have syphillis!
by Pika July 22, 2003
like american, but better. american muscle are pieces of shit. literally.
a koenigsegg.
yo, look at mah 360 modena sucka!
by pika October 31, 2004
A handsome prince from the game warcraft 3
Oh do u think prince ARTHAS is gay?
by pika July 10, 2003
a school district on long island
yo man i go to sachem
by pika November 01, 2004
slang form of penis
yo suck my penitz k?
by pika February 03, 2004
act of poking someone's mom in the ass. Cards were publicized on a well known radio show.
"hey joey what did you do last night?"
"i pokedyourmom!"
by pika February 03, 2004
the nickname of a player in kali
he really sucks at wc3 and was a member of a now defunct clan called bvb
alive u suxor
by Pika August 05, 2003

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