to be hit multiple times by something such as a fist or paintball
Greg:Ayo did you see when Dante beat the shit outta Phil??
Charles: Hell yeah brah that nigga fill got lit up
Greg: Word up son
by Young Marc August 22, 2007
To be buzzed or completely drunk.
Man, I just took two shots of tequila. I am lit up!
by Miss Jamie July 15, 2005
US Army slang meaning attacked. Initially referring to artillery attacks at night when illuminating rounds were fired to expose the target before destroying it with HE (High Explosive), Fragmentation or WP (White Phosphorous). Eventually the phrase was used to describe any intense attack on enemy positions or personnel whether it was with artillery, air strike or small arms.
We caught one of Charlie's supply columns out in the open and called in an artillery strike!
What happened?
Man you should have seen it, they got lit up real good!
Number One!
by Croatalin November 21, 2013
verb. To be shot multiple times while playing the sport of paintball, negitave term usually refering to either being bunkered (see bunkered in dictionary) or being shot by running into a line of paint while moving up on field, making a runthrough, etc. (when done being lit up, you look much like a christmas tree with all the pretty colors all over you)
The guy on the red team was totally lit up while trying to take the snake.
by revelationtrent September 13, 2006
IRC instigator. annoying person with a penchant for pushing buttons and interjecting in conversations for no reason.
/ignore litup ftw!

11:47 * Hayrab sets mode: +b litup
by JonnyPhenomenon July 06, 2006
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