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When drinking beers, often at or after a party, gathering together all the wounded soldiers (unfinished beers), pouring them into one big cup, and then drink it until it is finished.
There are so many fucking wounded soldiers, WHO IS DOING A PURPLE HEART????
by atoswagmaster August 23, 2011
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The act of triumphantly cumming on a girls chest and then using a black light or ultraviolet lamp to see your sparkling white cum in a fluorescent purple
My wife really earned her purple heart last night after an awesome episode of Hells Kitchen made me randy.
by Muerto1 July 13, 2009
Jumping on the grenade at the bar, even though it was nowhere near being a sacrifice for your buddies. You still get the medal for bravery.
Bro you totally deserve a purple heart for that grenade you jumped on at the bar
by not_tanner October 11, 2014
The head of a mans penis. The way the tip of the penis looks while wearing a cock-ring. All huge penises have a purple heart on the tip of them.
My oh my Mr. Blank, I have never seen such a big purple heart in all my life.
by Love Stinky-cox September 04, 2010
when a girl sucks your balls so hard you get a hickie on your sac. the puple is for the color of with you balls turn and heart for the courage to with stand the situation.
bro my girl just gave me a purple heart.
by the 12th man September 24, 2010
A 1:4 kill/death ratio in BF2. This is a minimum of 5 kills and 20 deaths.

hense: you suck ass at the game and by getting a "purple heart" even furthers you sucking ass, except you're now being told by EA.. ouch.

suggestions to cope with thee: die.
doooman is shooting at someone but cannot get any kills, he does however kill 5 people to his 20 deaths and recieves a giant kick-in-the-ass (purple heart). Game over, you suck.
by Lanez October 21, 2007
a medal received in the military that is handed out like 800mg Ibuprofen is in the military, which anyone in the military knows is given for all ailments including cancer, its a shame too because some people actually deserve this medal versus the people who were waiting to go to battle and received a splinter in their finger and kissed a lot of higher ranking ass and were put in for these medals through chain of command such as ,er, John KerryPeanut Fucker, oh i'm sorry did i really just say that?I deserve my medals so much that I just had to throw them away, Im so proud of me and my country that i'm going too picket and protest the war cause i'm so smart!
John Kerry is a undeserving, disrespectful, piece of crap who somehow weaseled his way into saying he has three purple hearts, that he threw away and then later retrieved on e-bay,oh and i almost forgot a very unfortunate frankensteinish looking man!
by Shannon September 10, 2004

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