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stands for: Last Icon Maker Standing.

A type of icon making challenge on (mostly) livejournal communities. This type of challenge is composed of rounds. On each round the participants will have to make one (or more, depending on the community) icon based on a prompt. The icons are posted anonymously and then voted on.The icon with the most votes will win the round, while the icon with the least votes will be eliminated. This process is then repeated until there is only one icon maker standing, which will then be selected as the Last Icon Maker Standing.

Some fiction writing comms have a similar type of challenge - LFWS, Last Fic Writer Standing - which revolves around the same principles.
IconMaker: I just signed up for fandomname_lims! Hope my icons get some votes...
by asa_alastair October 14, 2010
Laugh Inside Myself
Let's be honest. How many times do you type LOL when you really aren't laughing out loud? LIM let's the person know that they made you laugh inside yourself.
by Riffwell February 03, 2009
Laughing Inside Me. When you laugh, but you dont LOL (Laugh out loud), you LIM.
(Internet Convo)
PETER -Hey John...
JOHN -Wusup...
PETER -I love your homo!!! LOL!
JOHN - hmmm lim
by elpancho305 April 12, 2009
Used as a brief acronym for "laughing in mind". Instead of laughing out loud, you laugh in your mind. Not as popular as "lol" but is spreading through texts.
Statement: "Yesterday I kicked a soccer ball at my nephew and hit him in the head."

Reply: "I'm in the library but lim thats funny."
by Yayoc92 August 31, 2010
Laugh in mind.
Instead of saying lol and causing God to be lying because you know you really didnt "laugh out loud" you can say lim which means laugh in mind.

for example

Messenger Convo.
John:Hey Kev I saw that bitch today she looked like a whore.
Kev: LIM LIM LIM seriously dude DAMNN!!!!!!!!
by themartian1000 March 02, 2011
Laughing Inside Me
Better than lol in office enviroments
A: I saw this guy trip in a bucket
B: Lim
by Capt'n awesome October 10, 2008
Stands for lesbian incestual munging
the acronym for two lesbians who are related to each other having incestful sex. Upon their death munging them is the final stage of this.
Andrew has two cousins who are lesbians, after they had incestual sex we killed them and then munged their corpses.
by Monkeyspanker March 07, 2005
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