an object that produces a flame for igniting something.
Pass me the light and a cigarette.
by FJS April 10, 2006
To blow up violently, usually through shooting.
Light his ass up.

We're going to drive by and light your front door up.
by Domino July 16, 2006
Something that Mario didn't bring when it was kinda dark.
Mario: Gee it's kinda dark.

Luigi: You bring a light?

Mario: NO.
by keyslayer101 August 12, 2010
1. protons generated during nuclear reaction or electronic orbital jumps.

2. "Light" as a spiritual term. Not a diety but an essence of life and goodness.
1. color" is when photons are refleceted in diffrent "way" from objects and are recieved by retinal cells which have 3 types of color percepters.

2. people who believe in the Light insread of christian or a religion empersonated by a god, h ave more freedom of belief since they are neither atheic nor monotheists.
by axis August 16, 2004
a lighter, matches, or a magnifying glass (when doing solars) used to light a cigar, cigarette, pipe, bowl, bong, binger, bubbler, joint, junt, blunt, or spliff
hey man can i get a light, i'm tryin'a burn one.
by marklloyddrosnes August 13, 2006
adj. Somebody who is 'light' is boring and often unwilling to take part in adventurous activities, usually for fear of being unsensible or dealing with the consequences.

Originally comes from 'lightweight' - somebody who cannot hold their drink.
"Don't be light" lyrics from song by AIR of the same name, urging people to take more risks.

Itapu: Nah, I don't want to take part in the wrestling-whilst-covered-in-flaming-jet-fuel-athon. I'm just going to stay at home.
Trevor: ffs, you're so light
by B. Dory March 21, 2009
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