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1) the form of electromagnetic radiation that acts upon the retina of the eye, optic nerve, etc., making sight possible
2) brightness; illumination, often of a specified kind
3) the light from the sun; daylight or dawn
4) mental illumination; knowledge or information; enlightenment
5) a person whose brilliant record makes him or her an example for others and yourself. A person who brings light into your life
1)if it wasn't for light, we as human beings would have no sight
2)The light in the room was blindingly bright, their eyes took a moment to adjust to the intensity of illumination
3)sunlight allows for photosynthesis to occur. Without this natural solar resource, flora and fauna would not survive.
4)the life of Nelson Mandela as a activist brought to light as to how one individual with a sincere heart and pure intentions can single handedly make a staggering difference to a nation and to the world as a whole.
5)My grandma disclosed a secret she had kept locked in her heart not telling a single soul which had shattered her life.When she was 18, she had been physically and verbally abused by a trusted person in her life at that point in time.Her life broke apart when that person sexually assaulted her (i knew what she really meant by that) and left her destroyed.She blamed herself for years, felt guilty, lost trust in men,lived in fear but she swallowed her pain. but prayer brought back faith that there was a reason for her to continue breathing.I then asked her who it was that brought light back into her life.She smiled and replied, 'I met a man who showed me what true love was. He became the light in my life.His love has given me hope, light and he put my past behind us. He gave me reason to believe. He is the light that eradicated the darkness of my past'. I hugged my grandma, turned to my granddad and thanked him for being the light in my grandma's life.
by Tina_AshburyCollege_Canada June 30, 2010

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