Light is electrons emitted by atoms for various reasons at various velocities which is visible to a subset of human beings. Infra-red and ultra-violet are radiations that are slower and faster than visible light.
Albert Eistein based his Theory of Relativity upon the axiomatic belief that the speed of light was constant, a simple error in armchair physics.
by Doctor Spoock August 13, 2009
high bobmarley gets light all the time the only way to get high is if you're light
dude i was blowin last night and i still feel light.
by jomomma deeeeed June 30, 2009
an eye (usually plural)
That kind of attitude makes me want to punch his lights out.
by Light Joker January 09, 2005
Term referring to the lights on a police car. Used as a slang word for police.
"I heard them lights were all over the place last night."
by Ziek May 02, 2005
Anything that isn't up to expectation... Lack of fun, Lack of appearance etc.
Man bro we went to this party the other day and it was light, so we dipped early.
by Etrizzle November 21, 2014
the definition of Wiler originates from the name test/ and or testicles. can be used in sentences such as, "Aw damn my Wilers hurt so bad will you scratch them for me?" and " oh my god you've got enormous Wilers, share them with me?"
by Light Prinston October 01, 2014

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