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means Laughing Fo' Real when you are really laughing out loud.invented in 2004 by Taco 'TC' Watson who made the website.
someone:I have an fever and the only prescription is more cowbell
someone else:LFR
by Benny G January 31, 2005
Stands for "Laughing for real" or "Like, for real!"
Typically used in text messages as a replacement for "LOL".
Friend1: "Did you see that weird drunk pic of me on fb?"
Friend2: "yeah i saw ur ass hanging out, lfr!!! hahaha"
by AnonyMouse February 22, 2012
Its an acronym like lol,

We all use lol in normal texting but we never actually laugh out loud in real life. LFR mean Laughed for real or laughing for reals. Meaning actually laughed when we typed what ever was said.
Braun was caught cheating Lfr
by The Famous One December 10, 2011
Laughin' 'Fo' Reals- When you are really laughing. LFR can be used in place of LOL (Laughing Out Loud).
AimPerson1: Dont u hate it when ur trying to get the last out of your drink and the ice cubes attack your face?

AimPerson2: LFR!!! YES!!
by BrantyPlaschenciaman October 18, 2010
Stands for like for real.
Use to show your seriousness.
We need to hang out sometime. LFR.
by Victoria718 January 27, 2009
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