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Is Another Word For Cocaine
In The Toilets Of A Club....Hey Lad HAve You Got Any LEMO! Yes Here You Go Lad! Snort Snort Snort!!!
by john baptist December 11, 2007
An animal that shoots poop from it's eyeballs!
Look out man that cow is a lemos!
by Dave March 02, 2004
A contraction of the words "lesbian" and "emo". I'm not sure on the origins of this word, but I heard it at school, a group of chavs called one of my friends it.

Seeing as they have only one brain cell between them, I would assume they heard it somewhere else first. It is far too clever, and my friend took it as more of an observation than an insult anyway...
Chavs: Stupid lemo.
Friend: Haha, a cross between a lemur and an emo!!
Me: It's not lemur, you dolt, lesbian + emo.
Friend: Even better!
by Dwergi March 10, 2006
A person who's hair parts left and covers their face.
girl: Oh wow i like her new hair style she looks kinda emo but her parts left
boy: so she's "Lemo "
by The one and only Lemo January 21, 2009
an person who calls themself an emo, and says they are alwasy sad and cuts themself, yet doesn't dress/act like it, which makes them a lame emo
That person is a lemo since he doesn't dress in black, yet he thinks he is an emo.
by dmusgrove February 02, 2008
an "emo" who cuts their legs instead of there wrists.

legs + emo = lemo
sally : justin is such a emo he cuts!

blair : ohno he cuts his legs, he's a lemo
by poppet lover helllo March 30, 2008
a nickname for someone called lee who is also an emo
Kid: hi lemo!
Lemo: I'm not an emo!!!
Kid: Yeah, whatever
by CrazyCoolkid April 05, 2007
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