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It is short for cool. Lazy people use it, or those who have a fear of words with four letters in them...
Person 1: owz u?
Person 2: Fine thanks, you?
Person 1: yeh im kwl
#cool #great #ok #amazing #fine
by Dwergi December 02, 2005
The English, and better way of spelling "Guilford". For some reason just because it has a silent d in it, the American's felt the need to take it out when they named that town near North Carolina... Anyway...
Guildford is a city near Woking, in England... People say Guildford is better, but Woking is now catching up.
Guildford has an impressive cathedral amongst other things, such as a good ice hockey team (or so they say), a fairly good college and just generally good shopping facilities.
It is also a good place to go "emo" spotting... At weekends, you will often find gangs of these so-called emos hanging around at certain places throughout the city. It is a wonderful place to waste time and is often a treat for the eyes! If you're into that sort of thing.
Vanessa: Let's go to Guildford and have a gander at the delectable emo boys...

Me: Ooh, okay!
#guilford #woking #hell #emo #england
by Dwergi May 10, 2006
Similar to lovely only with an "r" added to it. Often used by people with certain accents. Or if you just like saying it, because it sounds cool.
Plus it's used in a song by The Clash...
Wasn't I lucky n' wouldn't it be loverly?
Send us all cards, an' have a laying in on a Sunday

(Safe European Home - The Clash)
#lovely #the clash #safe #european #home
by Dwergi January 24, 2006
A rather cool word which means to dye something blood-red or for it to turn red (in the case of Macbeth)...

However, before Macbeth it originally meant a pale pink colour (actually, it meant flesh coloured, but 'tis close enough) and 'twas used as an adjective. In Macbeth it is used as a verb, in fact, it's the first time for it to be used in this way.
“Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood
Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather
The multitudinous seas incarnadine,
Making the green one red”.

#shakespeare #macbeth #tragedy #scotland #kings
by Dwergi February 08, 2006
In 1631, a printers thing in London accidentally left the word "not" out of the seventh commandment, which then read, "Thou shalt commit adultery." This legendary book is now known as the "Wicked Bible."

However, King Charles I had ordered 1,000 copies of the bible from these printers, and was not amused when he discovered the mistake...He ordered them to be burned and now only 11 exist today...
" 'Thou shalt commit adultery.' That's wicked man!...Literally..."

"I wish I could see this famous wicked bible..."
#bible #wicked #adultery #commandment #not
by Dwergi December 31, 2005
A contraction of the words "lesbian" and "emo". I'm not sure on the origins of this word, but I heard it at school, a group of chavs called one of my friends it.

Seeing as they have only one brain cell between them, I would assume they heard it somewhere else first. It is far too clever, and my friend took it as more of an observation than an insult anyway...
Chavs: Stupid lemo.
Friend: Haha, a cross between a lemur and an emo!!
Me: It's not lemur, you dolt, lesbian + emo.
Friend: Even better!
#emo #lesbian #chavs #school #lemur
by Dwergi March 10, 2006
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