Locked door policy refers to a policy in which your car doors are locked for various people.
Dylan: Dude, so me, Chris, and Caitlin are gonna catch a ride with you tonight, that cool?
Nate: No way, you know I have an LDP regarding Caitlin ever since she hooked up with Connor.
#door #locked #policy #car #entry
by Jolyon Gidari January 17, 2009
Top Definition
LDP stands for Long Distance (Skateboard) Pumping, also known as "Skumping." Longboard-skateboard technology has rapidly advanced since the 1970's, and along with those changes is a new breed of distance-pumping skateboarder.

LDP sessions can be casual 5- to 10- mile pump cruises on flat bike / rollerblading trails, or a 26-mile all-out marathon, where a gyrating, pumping motion is the primary means for moving the skateboard forward!

Check out skumping.com for articles, videos, and current information on this growing niche of skateboard pumping.
We usually go for a few LDP sessions each week, come check it out!
#skumping #skump #marathon pumping #long distance longboarding #pump racing
by James Peters January 24, 2006
The Law of Double Penetration: It's only gay if your balls touch.
Tom, Suzy, and Jack made sure to follow the LDP in their threesome.
#gay #balls #dp #law #double #sex #threesome
by Hana12343214 April 18, 2010
Lie Down Piss

The absolute laziest piss a man can take. To be used when describing serious slacking.
"Are you taking an LDP or what?"

"This is no time to be taking a LDP man"

"What are you up to?" "Not much man, just taking an LDP really"
#lazy #lay down #piss #slacker #slacking
by Jhigs March 30, 2010
Lou Diamond Phillips
What his homies call him

"Sup LDP?"
#short for #acronym #star of la bamba #1987 #filipino
by cypressphil March 10, 2006
long distance pound, used when you a fist pound is not possible do to distance.
As two people walk away and forgot to shak: Hey L.D.P. man peace.
#pound #shake #knuckles #dap #fist pound
by RobAa December 12, 2007
the abbreviation for the phrase: lie down pash
Did you see Polly and Brad having a ldp behind the PE shed yesterday?
#dry root #sup - stand up pash #spoon #sdp - sit down pash #frigid
by Hosea June 18, 2008
Used to describe a friendly wager between two parties in which it is understood that the loser doesn't pay (ldp) the value of the bet. It is simply a fun bet with a monetary value, where no money exchanges hands.
Ok. Let's put some money on this. I'll bet you $100 that Cleveland beats Washington, ldp.
by koko September 29, 2004
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