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The act of skateboarding long distances over flats and inclines without touching foot to ground, using perpetual surf-like pumping motions, sometimes switching between "goofy" and "standard" pump stances. Longboards for Skumping are generally in the 36" - 43" length range with 25"+ wheelbases, longer than skateboards used in Giant Slalom racing.
"That dude's skumping uphill!"

"We just finished a 10 mile skump session!"
by James Peters January 21, 2006
having video sex(humping) while on skype.....skumping
Playing with your self on video chat(skype)
I heard my roommate Jane skumping with her boyfriend....I guess they miss each other so much......
by 40Forty March 09, 2011
The act of taking a dump while on Skype.
Admit it, you have found yourself on the phone while on the crapper. Skumping is the evolution of this act.
by Miami_Bach_Party January 14, 2012