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A man who is most likely sleeping with one or more of his inferior co-workers or interns. May also have a fetish for cheer-leading.
"Did you here in the news about that math teacher who knocked up his student teacher, that's straight messed!"

"Wow, what an LC!"
by st.norb.cheer.4.life.baby! May 30, 2010
L.C, the crew otherwise known as "Los Communistas", which in spanish means The Communistas. Consists of three members, which ride or die for each other. These boys are extremely awesome and well-endowed (especially pepe).

When bored they film and edit their own short movies which can be seen on myspace and youtube.

Always down for a party and live by their motto; <b>"The Few & The Proud, The L.C</b>

I want to have sex with all the L.C!
by Pepito Pingon March 16, 2007
Local Celebrity.
*the Lc. (Leah C.)
Leah is this town's LC.
by Elsie. February 17, 2009
easy whore who puts out for ANYTHING!
Dude did you hear who that LC fucked" said Greg. John turned and replied "Who hasn't she, I'm still trying to get rid of the crabs
by the cynical one1234567 February 07, 2011
Acronym for "Lunar Corporation", one of the three playable factions in "Earth 2150". Little is known about the LC. Appearantly they're a faction of religious women that are based on the moon. They team with the UCS against the ED but an ED hacker takes control of over 100,000 UCS units in a counter offensive against the LC. The LC's technologies are top-notch consisting of ultra sound wave "shock cannons" and supersonic weaponry used to crumble enemy units and structures. The LC even possesses the power to minpulate the weather and summon meteor showers on the enemy.
The LC are said to be a part of an ancient alien race that decided to help the Earth's people in escaping their horrible demise. After being attacked by the ED though, their focus of aid was primarily on the UCS.
by Someone you think you know August 08, 2005
Loser Cruiser, a POC car, a minivan, or a school bus.
I don't want to drive the LC!
by 5'1"Racer February 13, 2005
Acronym for "Liquid Chromatography" a separation technique based on physico-chemical interactions between a solid material, a liquid and the analyte.
I prefer LC to analyse drugs
by Dr. PAS November 02, 2004