lb means litte boy. like the little grade nines at your high school.
shes going out with him? ew! hes an lb
by potato girl January 15, 2005
LB: Sexy, amazing, loveable, hot, young man who scores with the older ladies
Kate: oh man davids the hottest LB ever, id fuck him so easily <3
by dzilks October 24, 2010
An abbreviation used in place of Linebacker, a defensive position in the game of football. There are inside and outside LB's.
The LB snuffed out the run and stopped it in the backfield.
by -xXx- -XxX- August 14, 2006
LB simply stands for "Loose Butthole". This can be used to describe yourself or other people, and it's connotation depends on the situation at hand. Its meaning can be equated to "getting anally penetrated" or just being a sexually loose person. An alternate meaning could be used in the context of being recently bested by a person or task.
John: "Hey have you taken the chemistry test yet?"
Bart: "Oh my god its so hard. I'm so LB right now."

John: "Dude what do you know about Jessica?"
Bart: "I heard she's super LB man go for it."

butthole loose
by BHR69 February 09, 2012
LB (lostboyz) a gang from nyc.tekkin over south ozone park , ny
dat niggaz lb so dont fuk wit him
by peezie October 12, 2003
Loves to give and receive head and does an amazing job at both. She is a loving, affectionate, passionate, and generous lover.

She can be described as sexy as hell and knows it.
LB is passionate and sexy when she is in the throes of sexual passion.
by Cloud Dancer April 26, 2009
Simply means a straight up BAMF. No questions asked.
Did you see what that girl just did??!? What an LB.
by trillamanilla March 11, 2008
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