Lady Boner; when a female is soo horny if she had a penis it would be erect. X]
Ohh dangg! He was soooo sexyy I most definetly had a LB! :)

Boner Erection Lady Horny Erect Penis
by Kiannaaa(: May 24, 2009
LB (lostboyz) a gang from nyc.tekkin over south ozone park , ny
dat niggaz lb so dont fuk wit him
by peezie October 12, 2003
Loves to give and receive head and does an amazing job at both. She is a loving, affectionate, passionate, and generous lover.

She can be described as sexy as hell and knows it.
LB is passionate and sexy when she is in the throes of sexual passion.
by Cloud Dancer April 26, 2009
LB: Sexy, amazing, loveable, hot, young man who scores with the older ladies
Kate: oh man davids the hottest LB ever, id fuck him so easily <3
by dzilks October 24, 2010
Laptop Buddy when two people who are friends both own laptops you can call each other LB laptop buddies!
("you are my LB laptop buddy!")
by alabamo123 January 11, 2009
Simply means a straight up BAMF. No questions asked.
Did you see what that girl just did??!? What an LB.
by trillamanilla March 11, 2008
Simply means lick balls
Dude I told my boss to LB.
by Spoonz January 06, 2008

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