short for "relaxed," also means chilled, or not uptight about something.
My teacher must really like me because she was very lax about all the answers I got wrong on my test.

I'm not gonna punish my kids when I become a parent...I'll be pretty lax on them.
by jdean48 March 26, 2013
My favorite sport ever and a sport played by me and all of my friends, and by everyone who's popular and isn't a stupid cheerleader.
by KISS MY ASS STEVE July 22, 2003
Lax is the lead developer for MQ2, he's a fucking pimp, with skills so leet they make baby jesus cry.
by Randog May 16, 2004
The airport in Los Angeles.
Stifler took a flight to Thailand from LAX.
by Rob September 18, 2003
Airport coade for Los Angeles International Airport.
Yesterday I flew from O'Hare to LAX.
by Antinous September 11, 2003
Airport in LA
We went to LAX to drop off my friend.
by Culo Pendejo September 11, 2003
Airport code for the Los Angeles International Airport
"Dude, let's go to LAX"
by celeborn September 07, 2003
Lucky Strike Tax - short LAX. Is a urban means of payment.
One Lax is one pack of Lucky Strikes.
Wherever you are on this nice planet, with LAX, you dont have any probs to pay your driver, guide, lunch or the f*** o** duty.
There is no other currency with this kind of acceptance.
Ok dude, give me one Lax and i bring u to the beach.
by TheFancyLGDude December 10, 2009

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