L7 aka square when you make it with your fingers and thumbs. another word for cigarettes.
I'm going on break to have a L7.
by Shameless August 01, 2005
a term for a lesbian, since the first letter is "L", and there are 7 letters in it.
in the Rick James song 'Bustin' Out': "L7- just a little too damn straight..."
by fire mcburnsalot April 02, 2008
the size of large panties. their tag may have an L for large, or a 7 indicating size 7, but more often they will have both - L7
wow, sheniqua's really chunked up. i bet she's rockin' L7's by now.
by ghurlighurll April 22, 2011
queer, someone who is inclined to love someone of the same sex, or someone who does not want to do 69.
"My sister says you and I are both L7s."

"Is that so?"
by ACORN99 September 22, 2009
the L7 is a high performance sub-woofer made by Kicker car audio. it is in the shape of a square. it is the big brother of the L5 which is also a square shaped sub-woofer made by kicker.
example 1)
Gords: did you see Game's car system i heard he's pushing two L7s
Cheese: I know i was there when he set it up, its loud as hell!

example 2)

"your an L7 thats a square" -

- Proof of D12 - (Pimp like me)
by Cheese805 March 03, 2008
L7 is 69 for two girls, or 2 guys. originally coined to differential between gay and straight 69
oh, this is a great movie. there is an awesome L7 scene in it.
by stoneyface May 25, 2010
A loser ass nigga, that cant handle his own shit. Hold his shit down .
You need to stop messing with this L7 niggas shawdii.
by MinnieMinnie December 30, 2009

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