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Jerrys' weirdo neighbour from the T.v show Seinfeld. His first name is Cosmo.
I cant believe that im writing the first definition for Kramer.
by Blind_assassin August 30, 2005
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To open a door and step into someone's house or apartment unannounced, typically with a dramatic spasm of the head, concerned look on the face and messy hair.
My neighbor burst in yesterday while I was watching TV and had like a mini seizure.

Ha, you got Kramered
by CaysE June 21, 2010
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The crazy, lovable, funny neighbor (played by Michael Richards) of Jerry Seinfeld on the greatest sitcom ever, Seinfeld.
Kramer's friends include Elaine Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Jerry Seinfeld, and George Jason Alexander. Kramer's crazy LOL
by Someone, March 02, 2006
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Someone who habitually bursts into doors unexpected. This can be at an office or at somebody's home or apartment. The intrusion causes negative attention from everybody in the room. It can disrupt conversation, ruin appetite, or cause a major cockblock.
In the tv show Seinfeld, Kramer is Jerry Seinfeld's neighbor who always opens the door to Seinfeld's apartment uninvited.
(Mark violently enters break room at the paper company and everybody looks at him)
Mark: Hey guys whats up?
Jan: Ugh, total Kramer.
by MmarkyMmarx June 07, 2010
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Hilarious character from the hit sitcom "Seinfeld". The actor is better known as Michael Richards, the guy who completely lost whatever respect he may have had because he spewed horrible racist garbage after being heckled by black audiences. Michael handled the situation poorly as comedian. A good comedian will know how to shut up hecklers and make it funny for everyone.

Michael acknowledges that what he said was wrong and if anyone saw his apology video on Letterman, you could see that he was sincere in his apology and is most definately not racist. We all have the potential to let our emotions get to us and even spew out garbage like what Richards said at the laugh factory under certain circumstances even though we may not mean it.

With that being said, this whole issue has brought up a slew of idiots. First are the closet-racists who are saying Richards had the right to call them "niggers" because he was being heckled and called cracker (even though the "victims" called him that after the tirade). Nigger is a derogatory term that goes back in the slavery days although today can be taken as other meanings. Despite this fact, it was clear that the way Richard's used it was in a derogatory sense. The second group of idiots this has brought up is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. It's not bad enough they called for a boycott on the new Seinfeld DVD but also to sop using the word "nigger" altogether?? These are the kind of people increasing racial tension in our society and what's more sickening is that some people actually follow these guys as if they're Malcolm X or Martin Luther King.
-Whoever thinks nigger is the same as cracker is fucking moron
-Whoever supports Michael's tirade despite the fact of how he said he should have never used it is a fucking moron
-Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are fucking morons
-The victims wanting money are fucking morons
-Michael Richard's was a fucking moron for saying that shit but at least he knows it's wrong

Buy the Seinfeld DVD, don't let fucking morons ruin the sales of one of the best sitcoms ever. Kramer is the best character in Seinfeld!
by Kainee December 08, 2006
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The new, multiculturaly accepted, word for nigga.
Man 1- Yo ma dude, what it is?
Man 2- Juss chillin ma Kramer.
by Tweak12 December 03, 2006
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1. )A guy who is given to much flak for the use "nigger." It confuses me however that HE would get into so much trouble for using a word that is popular among blacks themselves. Even more confusing is the fact that the equivalant name "cracker" can be used without consequence openly by anybody.

2. )A guy who is being taken to court for excercising his 1st admendment rights

3. )A guy who has appologized for the use of a common word but people still wont shut up about

4. )A guy who is guilty for being white
Kramer called a man a nigger, AFTER being heckled, the black ma- I mean nigger played the victim and caused a big cluster fuck for Kramer.
by Matt Andrews November 30, 2006
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