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To be publicly ridiculed for using a racist term in retaliation for some trangression, not because of personal feelings of racism, but because it's the easiest way to anger the offender as greatly as they have angered you.
Steven called Chen a "stupid fucking chink" after Chen slashed Steven's tires for no reason. Afterwards, he was severely Kramered, and his reputation was ruined.
by The Jefftastic Jeffinator January 27, 2008
To enter a place with the exact opposite of grace. A reference to the entrances made to Jerry Seinfeld's apartment by his neighbor, Kosmo Kramer on the 90's sitcom Seinfeld
My kid has issues with movement and gravity....the other day he Kramered into the front room and I thought he killed himself, the plant, the coat rack, AND the damned television...
by Enhale May 21, 2015
When you naively believe or fall for a false story told by a known over-exaggerator or a known story teller
Did you hear the latest contract news? No, there is no news, you got Kramered.
by BryanSmith October 07, 2015
to be thick enough to put smarties in coke over ur computer and watch it explode.
crap i didnt know if i kramered my computer would be destroyed.
by senur2010 September 08, 2007
To instantly be recognized as the finest “Bitch” within any public setting.
She totally was kramered when she walked in here.
by brdatwork June 14, 2006
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