Verb: The act of bouncing off walls and doors.

Also, an adjective or pronoun used when referring to SOFT CURLY HAIRED animals (for instance: dogs or sheep)
1. He Kramered the wall again.

2. Aww.... your dog is so Kramer.

3. Isn't Kramer adorable?
by Gina August October 27, 2010
The act of inserting a finger surprisingly into the ass during doggystyle sex.
I was taking her from behind and I did the Kramer.
by tbonemoney March 18, 2015
A common garden faeces, but one which is worthy of announcement upon return to the living quarters.
Brian returned from the water closet with a big grin on his face. Jenny could tell, from this look of unadulterated delight, that Brian had squeezed out a particularly pleasing kramer.
by Probing Tongue May 24, 2012
a total jew. known for picking up pennies.
man that guy is such a kramer for picking up those damn pennies
by krameriffic223 November 20, 2010
A man who is a parasite, an idiot; A man lost in the world. Someone who is a wild person who always does stupid things that end up being hillarious. A man with no understanding of life. Another name, under certain circumstances, is a Johnny.
Wow! He dropped that ball of oil out the window, trying to see if the ball could withstand the impact of hitting the ground. It didn't! It exploded all over a person below him! He is such a "kramer."
by a. monk October 12, 2009
To walk into someone while walking down a street. Usually a very annoying thing to do
He pulled a Kramer and pushed me into the street.
by SP3DRPPG May 18, 2007
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