The Kracken is a chunky female usually with brown curly hair and hazel eyes. Her large tentacles that protrude out of her vaginal area will tend to scoop up a male and suck him inside of her. She has once had a train of about eight male strangers on her. She has herpies of the mouth and when sitting in an enclosed area with the kracken it tends to have a fish like stench.
Me: "Ugh the Kracken smells of fish today."
You: "Oh you mean Kelley?"
Me: "Yeah the Kracken. The one sucking you into her right now."
You: "Oh God!!"
by Crawford_H8er December 16, 2010
Top Definition
An enormous octopus/squid creature in "Pirates of the Caribbean" which is feared by sailors and pirates. This said horrible beastie is unleashed by none other than the captain of the Flying Dutchman: Captain Davy Jones.

Sailor: We must of hit a reef!
Will Turner: No its the Kracken you retard!
by TezZa_ August 16, 2007
Large, unattractive female, whose crack unwantingly protrudes from the lower back, often causing mass disgust from both sexes.
Look at that Kracken bending over behind that car.
by Mike Dindia June 19, 2006
A hung male penis that is at least 8.5" in length and 6" in girth. Used by one to either warn others of the beastlyness of one's own schlong, or to tell of the savage experience that was had recieving the dick.
Davy Jones: "I reeeally don't think that you ladies are ready for the monster in my pants, known only as...THE KRACKEN!!!!"

Tia: "Wooooow, I would have NEVER expected him to be that well hung; But after last night, I'll have that kracken plunge to my depths anytime!"
by itISme!!!! June 27, 2010
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