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Stands for "King of the Hill." This is a popular game on the Tony Hawk series up until THP8, where it was discontinued.
Let's play some Koth! Koth it up!
by Master M. May 02, 2007
means shit,poop, to take a shit or a crap.
i have to take a huge koth right now.

that last test was total bullkoth.

im going to koth my pants.

koth kothed himself.

baby koth wont shut the hell up.

by ben levin March 26, 2009
A Korean Goth. It is usually someone from North Korea, who may or may not threaten you with nuclear weapons, but that is not mandatory.
Kim Jong Il went through a Koth phase, becuase his daddy did not love him. That is evident even today, when he threatens people.

We were walking down the street, and we saw an asian goth, and we were like, I wonder if she's a Koth.

by The Fritz May 06, 2007
A Korean Goth
ooo look at dat asian... must be a Koth.
by D.Lee July 19, 2003
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