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The love of my future husband and best friend. The most amazing man on earth. My superman!
Korey is the most amazing man alive.
by KMH1234 May 24, 2011
72 38
The hottest thing in site
That guy over there is such a Korey
by Korey June 04, 2004
299 144
an extremely hot boy
"damn he is so hot !! true like ice true like fire."
by k September 08, 2003
211 138
a hunk of burning love from ohio
"god korey has a nice butt!"
"thnx, i made it!!"
by anonymous September 08, 2003
159 120
Most amazzing girl you'll ever meet. She's the prettiest, smartest woman and has theh eyes of a godess. She's perfact in every way and men cant help but fall in love with her. Once you see her, your hooked!
WOW! Did you see that girl? She's the most amazing thing I've ever seen.. She's gotta be a Korey!!
by landon craig August 09, 2009
84 74
One of the biggest faggots you will ever meet. Most people will confirm that he's a cock4cash kind of guy.
"Hey did you hear Korey has a girlfriend?"
"Yeah, he's probably using her to seem less gay."
by HeWantsTheD January 05, 2014
14 7
Long Dick Bamma Nigga whos extremely ratch
Kai: Yo why are you so crazy?

Shamar: Because imam Korey nigga lol
by Beast72 May 28, 2013
20 18