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The hottest thing in site
That guy over there is such a Korey
by Korey June 04, 2004
1)An african american rendition of the beloved pokemon character, JigglyPuff. Wields ghetto gangster characteristics.

2)Somebody who is stupid/whom you dislike and feel the urge to make fun of.

3)A word to simply say, just for the hell of it.
1)Pokedex: "Niggerypuff, black pokemon. Niggerypuff resides in dark, run down areas of the forest, and fends for itself. It occasionally busts caps when needed."
Ash:"GOTTA CATCH DIS NIGGA!"*throws pokeball*

2)Marth: "Ha Ha, i just five-stocked yo ass in super smash bros. melee."
Kelby: "Shut up, you niggerypuff!"
Marth: "Fuck you, Kelby!"

by korey August 31, 2007
A sacred legendary thread on facebook. Comprising of a small number of random students, Zach being the creator, that shares the inner most thoughts and questions locked deep within the thread subscriber. Occasionally includes long drama filled entries, bouts of miracles, asians, and show choir antics. Will remain intact forever and ever.
Jordan: "Dude, I forgot to check the Hairspray On Saturday thread yesterday"
Korey: "You missed a miracle that was performed on Cham dos's eye... she can see now!"
Jordan: "Ah shit, son of a bant, I'll never miss it again"
Korey: "Lucas was also being asian again"
Jordan: "My God..." *signs on to facebook*
by Korey August 20, 2007
Something that is money or really gangstrr. Also a term used when giving celebration.
Word up G those rims are dollabill, homie.
by korey September 24, 2003
The common saying of a certain Andy Hulse.

Means, In simple, that you are indeed a thing that is markedly unusual or irregular.
"You're a freak!" declared Andy

"I can't believe you downgraded me in that fashion" replied Zach
by Korey June 04, 2004
a cuban man tryin to act like a wigga.
Your mama is a qigga
by korey September 24, 2003
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