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Long Dick Bamma Nigga whos extremely ratch
Kai: Yo why are you so crazy?

Shamar: Because imam Korey nigga lol
by Beast72 May 28, 2013
an extremely hot boy
"damn he is so hot !! true like ice true like fire."
by k September 08, 2003
a sexy young man by the name of korey heins like the ketchup
when we saw that hott stuff riding his little skateboard down the street, maeghan and I greeted him with "hello korey heins like the ketchup!" we would like to keep him on a heavy rotation
by us June 15, 2004
stupid little whore
Look at that korey, she stole my boyfriend.
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
a whiny, stupid, lazy jerk who didn't graduate from high school and thinks his gross bald girlfriend is actually attractive.

he also isn't circumcised and has a small penis anyways.
the grossest boy ever.
"that guy is so disgusting and fat and worthless, his name must be korey."
by the acakes March 31, 2009