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Diry twat. Usually used for women who have gone above and beyond to be a bitch. Koozen is the plural form it means many dirty twats. A flock of koozen would conist of three of them, so if theres 15 koozen you can say theres 5 flocks of koozen which would also be a herd of koozen. A herd of koozen is very rarely seen, if spotted please arm yourself and proceed with caution.
Hey Will look at the flock of koozen over there!
Lets run them over with our car Gerry!!
OK!!! (thump thump thump thump)
by Gerry Ciaccio May 10, 2004
The most legit son of a gun that has ever roamed this earth.
A kooz: ie) Elvis, Chuck Norris, or Mr T
by speedlead007 April 10, 2009
a woman with a nasty attitude, often very attractive and approachable.
melissa the receptionist is such a fuckin' kooz
by chickaloca2007 October 29, 2007
mostly a synonim for "fuck" used either when you shouldnt say fuck or just cause its funny also the start of many other word like
koozle (or kooz) berry- not cool peson of any sort
koolum- oe who uses kooz as a regular word
kislam-the way of the kooz
*more to come*
just use the word as you would its counter part
by Sovereign of the Universe April 03, 2003
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