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1. A giant lizard that, according to a movie called "Komodo", gobbles up small children in its freetime and likes to roam around hopelessly on an island.
2. A lame 22-year old artist who lives inside the head of a high schooler and is constantly hungry and underweight. He wishes he had a tail, but he is glad he doesn't have scales or eat small children like his lizard cousins in the movie.
1. "BWAHHHH! OHEMGEE A KOMODO DRAGON IS AFTER MEE!! It will eat all my toes one by one and then come after my nose!! Ahh! Help mee! Hellppp!! Ugahhh..." -continued sound effects of suffering-
2. "Look, it's Modo."
"nomnomnom. Small children and brains."
by Komodo (epic phail) August 22, 2008
Word to describe someone who just woke up and evidently had a long night. Clothing involves used underwear, disgusting t-shirt, pie crust in the eyes, and crumbs on the face. They sound retarded and speak a dialect of loud gruntenese and Marijuanese, along with idiot speak and Damn I'm Drrunkenese. A black komodo can just be called a roach.
RebelTbone: dexter you look nasty. What happened?
Dexter: errrrrgrrrrarrrruhm
RebelTbone: well i see your speaking loud gruntenese again.
Dexter: errrrrrrSTFU
RebelTbone: well im outta here. Go back to bed komodo.
by RebelTbone December 20, 2009