Top Definition
1. A word used to replace any other word in a sentence.

2. A unique sound emitted from the mouth, caused from letting gas out of the stomach. (Also referred to as belching.)
Original Sentence:
Susie pwned the English test.

New Possible Sentences:
Susie knopped the English test.
Susie pwned the English knop.
Susie pwned the knop test.
by Big Steve December 03, 2004
The genitals of ones superior in the workplace.
Is Mike in the office playing with the boss's knop again?
by bigdaddy123456 August 24, 2009
Big, fat, raveing lesbein.
Guess what you get if you type Knops into the internet.
Lesbein. Big, fat, raveing lesbein.
by Mariross November 19, 2007
satan, lucifer, beelzubub, the bringer of death and sorrow to all
everyday of knops' existence
by truth January 20, 2004
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