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A penis that is small in both girth and length, but is abnormally hairy.
Apparently, **** has a knobbit
by The Gun Penguin December 01, 2014
A rare breed of animated dick found only in closets and porn star drawers. It is a cross between a knob and a hobbit. It is also known as the Halfthing. Sexual encounters with it are usually fatal. Noted for an extreme fondness for Jews; one of the biggest little-known factors for low population of Jews in the world.
"I banged a knobbit!" Berg Bergson Bergman, Jew Supreme, Last Words.

"There's not a Jew to screw left!" Akaman Bangaman Bergson, Knobbit of the Dick.
by fuckoffimnottellingyoumyname July 03, 2011
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