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From Berg.

Berg itself is German, meaning mountain. IE: Iceberg, mountain of Ice.

Also spelled Bergmann.
by The.Bergman February 05, 2010
To ignore or 'blank' a request for more information usually via Email.
I've just received an Email from Mike asking if we will pay his invoice. Shall I reply or just do a Bergman?
by Atom Master January 26, 2012
An innuendo creating machine, an individual who's innuendo output is simply unstoppable.
"Aww man, that kid is totally 'Bergman', he's spiting out innuendos like a tsunami of vicious sex related snakes.
by BERGJEW December 07, 2011
A huge fat worthless piece of crap that gets pwnd daily!
Your so worthless im going to call you Bergman from now on.
by Jism83 January 07, 2008
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