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v. To annoy, bother, or otherwise.
I klobbed your mom last night.
by JenJay December 17, 2004
A dinosaur that prefers to eat pizza's, namely pizza's that are used, also prefers to put insert those pizza's into his anus to reach orgasm..
"Get that out of your arse Klob"
by Kott May 13, 2008
a know-it-all bastard who does not hide the fact that he/she feels superior to the rest of the world.
i want to eat teh crap out of that klob.
by credkim November 21, 2004
The most awesome person to ever exist ever.
Also the name of a small triangle shaped creature created in primary school in 2001.
1. Dang I wish I was more like klob he's so great.

2. Guy: Wow what's that Rad looking triangle creature called?
Guy2: That my good sir is a Klob.
by Klobking May 23, 2008
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