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Klatch¹ n.
1. a pwner of noobs, one who pwnes.

2. a godly like figure, one of only two. (The ~ etc., one of two whom are
named Mitch and William.)

3. a masterful and/or great haxor of comps.

Klatch² n. 1. a title given to a person understood as a 'fishy.' (slang:
idiot, moron, fool.)
2. an insult.
3. a person who is pwn-worthy

klatch³ adj.
1. ~tastic, being great, cool, burn-worthy, funny.
2. ~ed up, being 'screwed' up or weird; strange; absurd.
3. ~tacular, see *klatchtastic.
Dude, your being such a klatch
That's fucking klatchtastic
Fuck you got Klatched
by Holy Incinerator October 23, 2006
22 12

Klatch¹ n.

1. an informal group or gathering of people

2. people who have congregated with the intent of gossiping, etc.
"After the meeting, several people stopped at the diner and formed a little coffe klatch."

"Look at that klatch of yentas over there, talking about everybody's business."
by Robert Modean May 17, 2007
8 8
Slang term used by 3rd World partisan forces for variants of the AK-47 assault rifle.
"I've got a klatch, 5 clips, a molotov cocktail, and an rpg. Bring on the Infidel!" ;-)
by legbatom June 17, 2006
1 2