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Allowing a drug dealer to use one's personal motor vehicle in exchange for a quantity of a narcotic substance. Often the vehicle will not be promptly returned, and will be damaged or fouled in some way upon its return.
Crazy crack ho rent a based her ride to Papa G, now it's wrecked in the impound yard.
by legbatom June 17, 2006
Slang term used by 3rd World partisan forces for variants of the AK-47 assault rifle.
"I've got a klatch, 5 clips, a molotov cocktail, and an rpg. Bring on the Infidel!" ;-)
by legbatom June 17, 2006
Name of a prolific inventor of military weaponry, Eugene Stoner. Most significantly, Stoner developed the AR-15 rifle while working at ArmaLite. ArmaLite, being an engineering and R&D facility, sold the design and manufacturing rights to Colt Firearms. Colt marketed the AR-15 to the U.S. military, which adopted it and reclassified it as the M-16 and its sub-variants. The Stoner-designed AR-15 platform has been the longest serving U.S. military rifle of all time and is a battle-proven design.
"Stoner: Slugs not Drugs."
by legbatom June 17, 2006

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