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A cereal that claims it is kid tested, and mother approved. It may very well be mother approved, but you will notice they only say it is kid tested, but not approved. Perhaps because it isn't! Any normal kid thinks it tastes like crap!
Little Jimmy passes up all the other sweet cereals for plain Kix..only because he is in a commmercial and being paid big money!
A nickname given to an Asian female who demonstrated uber-cuteness and adorability through her petiteness and inability to stop being adorable.
I met Kix today... she was so cuuuuuuuttttttteeee!
by purelycandor March 27, 2010
somethin hella funny, makes u wanna laf, or think, funny to ur ears..
hahahah that gives me tha fuckin kix man
by yagirl May 06, 2004
codename for sex used by my girlfriend and i.
-"Wow, im so tired. i ate a lotta kix last night. hehehe."
-"really now?" *wink*
by Shades January 28, 2005
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