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To meddle and give unwanted advice. kuh-Ib-itz
Stop kibitzing, I want to live my own life.
by The Man November 30, 2004
To sit in on a conversation, meeting, card-game or online chat and offer unsolicited, informal comments. The original meaning from Yiddish (kibitzen, derived from German kiebitzen - to be an onlooker or spectator) had a negative connotation of being a busybody or giving intrusive, meddlesome, unwanted advice. However, in contemporary US usage, it has become friendlier.
She's meeting with some suits this afternoon, do you want to come kibitz and liven things up?

I'm not here as a formal participant, I'm just kibitzing.

Quit kibitzing! I know how to play Texas hold 'em.
by LiamK2 January 17, 2011
Kibitz: to sit out of a game and just watch.

Derivatives include kibitzing and kibitzed.
"Do you want to play poker?"
"No thanks, I'll play kibitz."
by Potatoes March 03, 2006
to give unwanted or intrusive advice to someone in a game or performance while watching(from German Via Yiddish)
Stop Kibitzing and watch the show. (example of kibitz)
by The Return of Light Joker August 21, 2009
A top secret organization that is devoted to stealing people's passwords and talking about music.
Fuck! Kibitz stole my password!
by Reynard March 01, 2004
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