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In normal circumstances, keystrokes is describing the act of typing something using a keyboard.

However, on the internet, specifically Gelbooru and other hentai picture sites, it's caught on as a meme*. It's used by members who are presumably masturbating to said pictures, and since comments can't be posted with fewer than three to four characters, they just either post "keystrokes" in all caps or many times.

It's used similarly to "fap" in this regard, which is the onomatopoeia for masturbation.

*A meme is a fad almost always exclusive to the internet that very quickly grows insanely popular.
-Any hentai picture.-


Anon2- Keystrokes keystrokes keystrokes

Anon3- Fapfapfapfap
by InqAlice June 04, 2011
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