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The fear that a person wearing a white shirt gets when eating a hamburger, hot dog, chicken, etc., that has ketchup.
"It's Jim's lunch break, and I think he has ketchuphobia. He has barely touched his Quarter Pounder, probably because he has that presentation at 3."
by geniusonwheels February 18, 2009
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The fear of ketchup
ketchup is scary I have ketchuphobia
by Kim and Kanye May 02, 2015
1) Having a fear of ketchup; hating ketchup
2) Not being able to even look at ketchup without puking due to definition one
Roy: Hey Sarah pass me the ketchup!
Sarah: Ew no don't you know I have ketchuphobia
by KimKeatspineapple May 06, 2015

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