A male name for an amazingly cool Turkish guy. The life of the party, Kerim is always up for a laugh. He proves an exceptional friend, and everybody loves him.
"Wow that guy is amazing, his name must be Kerim!"
by Chumbawumba17 March 27, 2010
Turkish guy who sits in the corner, watch out for terrorist activity.
Did you see that foreign guy, he may be a Kerim!
by Left Cube November 21, 2008
A sexy man with a sexy body. He can get any girl he wants. He is loved by everyone but he only wants people who care about him. He has been through girl and girl and cannot find Miss Perfect. If you can have a Kerim, don't let that man go. You will regret it. He is a Turkish soccer athlete. He has a lot of intelligence looks and friends. Very popular sexy guy. He is also religious and doesn't go for everyone. He is the perfect man, husband, friend or boyfriend.
Funnn man Kerim
by messi100202 November 30, 2012

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