I tell you what, if your lookin' for a synonym for awesome, Kentucky's the word for you. This state's got it all. Did you ever hear of Ft. Knox? In Kentucky. How about the Alamo? Okay that's in Texas, but, there's a lot of killer stuff in Kentucky, anyway. I-64, I-65, I-75. Got the idea, there are a bunch of Interstate Highways in Kentucky. We like 'em so much that we built some of our own limited access highways. Education...did I mention the extensive network of highways? In Eastern Kentucky there's a buttload of coal and, let's just say, plenty of Kentucky's number one cash crop (weed). Western Kentucky has the Corvette factory and is part of the New Madrid Fault Zone. Louisville thinks they're better than everybody else and Northern Kentucky is basically a suburb of Cincinnati. Central Kentucky is a vast wasteland predominated by hyena and the occasional antelope. Kentucky offers a broad range of experiences to the person who is willing to set aside preconceived notions that this state is a backwater inhabited by inbred heathens.
Civil War General, "Coloniel" Harlan Sanders invented fried chicken.

Kentucky is landlocked, so if the shit goes down, we're in a great defensive position (and pretty well armed).

Most of the Ohio River lies within the borders of Kentucky. I swear to God.
by MC Stig January 09, 2010
Top Definition
A place where the word holler rightfully exists; a place of wonder; a place where children can dig their fingers in the dirt, use their imagination, and dream; a place where parents want more for their children and do everything possible for their wishes to come true; a place where most people in the united states like to underestimate and pretend that the only thing that exists there is 'inbreds'; a place that a teenage girl tries her whole life to leave and when she settles elsewhere, she can't wait to see the mountains again;a place that also uses the word hick, but in a slightly different way everyone else does; a slightly poor place; a place where,yes, horse racing exists and people are actually in touch with nature; home cooked meals are to die for!; a great place to think or write a book; AND its fun to use words without a 'g' in the end!
stereotypes should not even exist in this day and age
by Attera March 29, 2004
The only state where bourbon is made. If it's made somewhere else, it's just whiskey--not bourbon.
Kentucky whiskey is bourbon. Other whiskey is just whiskey.
by Jessica & Daniel February 23, 2006
One of the greatest states in the Union, ranking up there easily with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, New York, Ohio, Minnesota, and California. The majority of Kentucky's people are very friendly, religious or with a strong sense of morals and values, and many are also quite diverse. For example there are plenty of Kentucky natives that are composed of two races.
The imbreeding stereotype is also a load of crap, as it only exists in very sparse, few areas deep in Appalachia.

In addition, Kentucky is not entirely as Southern as people claim it is. The Bluegrass State is actually quite different with Northern/Midwestern qualities and heritage that mix with the Southern heritage and characteristics. Not everyone has thick drawls either; many more people actually have Midwest nasal twang, while a few Northern "migrants" actually talk in strong brogues or other different accents.
Bluegrass and Country are not the only forms of music, as there is also Christian, Metal, and Rock bands, as well as a very few rappers even! Countrified "Southern" food is not the only thing to eat either. Almost every known restaurant in the Nation is located somewhere in Kentucky, and some immigrants have even brought their own ethnic cuisine with them and made a business out of it!

Kentucky was also a pivotal battleground border state during the Civil War. Also see Perryville. The state was roughly 75-78% Unionist, with some being anti-slavery, while there where no more than 22-25% supporting the South and the Confederacy. Kentucky was actually quite crucial in winning the Civil War, which depresses me to realize that so many people overlook it entirely and that classes only seem to teach about the Eastern Theatre.
Kentucky is an awesome state with a rich heritage and history, great people, strong family values and morals, and so much more.
by A Hoosier December 16, 2004
Kentucky was the first state in the American West. Explorers were enthralled by the beauty of the countryside, which they often compared to the Garden of Eden. We Kentuckians are proud of our state and its people. I, for one, think it is ironic that the derogatory comments written here by others are filled with misspellings and non-grammatical constructions. Their stupidity is monumental.
One 18th-century preacher, when asked to describe Heaven, responded, "Oh, my honeys. Heaven is a Kentucky of a place."
by Daniel Boone March 06, 2004
1.The Commonwealth of Kentucky is a southern border state. Many famous artists, writers and media celebrities hail from Kentucky. It is known for horses, bourbon, basketball and southern hospitality. People are friendly and polite. In areas such as Lexington and Louisville a metropolitan, artsy culture prevails. In rural areas a friendly down-home culture produces delicious cooking.
2.A state that knows how to party.
3.Home to a college basketball dynasty.
George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze and Diane Sawyer are all from Kentucky.

Kentucky in the springtime is awesome. Keeneland is running, Derby parties are going, and the bourbon flows like water.
by w00tgirl April 19, 2006
a relatively small state situated in the upper south, Kentucky is known for bourbon whiskey, horse racing, tobacco production, and college basketball. The vast majority of the state, other than northern Kentucky/Cincinnatti suburbs and parts of Louisville, shares cultural ties with Tennessee in cuisine, dialect, and many other aspects of culture.

Most of Kentucky's residents are friendly and hospitable, and many outsiders will find that Kentucky can be a very enjoyable place to visit. Along with its natural beauty, there are many other unique attractions for people to enjoy.
Kentucky: home to bluegrass, tobacco, bourbon, horses, and the most winningest college basketball program of all time.
by JimothyWilson December 29, 2009
A state which, contrary to popular belief, contains many very intelligant people as well as a large number of excellent musicians, actors, and many other types of people. Most people are of average intelligence or above, live in fully modern homes WITH electricity, running water, and indoor bathrooms, and are not Hicks (although there are a few, but they still live in modern homes)
Kentucky is a great place to live.
by Keegster August 17, 2003
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