Disabled Dan, if you make another stereotypical remark about my Midwestern native state again, I'll make sure you ARE disabled, punkbitch!
Kentucky is awesome; Disabled Dan in a moron.
by Ryan The Bush-Supporter February 26, 2005
Kentucky, the bluegrass state, is located in the south eastern US. Its two largest cities are Louisville and Lexingon, then the smaller cities make up Covington, Richmond, and Bowling Green. This state is where the people are friendly, the grass is blue, the horses run fast, and the chicken comes fried. We do not sleep with our cousins, yes we have teeth, and yes we wear shoes...well only in the winter time hahaha. This state loves our University of Kentucky Wildcats (unless your from Louisville). It's always deer season and UK basketball season here in the bluegrass. I wouldn't talk bad about UK here or you might get hurt (again unless your from Louisville.) We're not all hicks here well some are but thats okay they live up in the mountains. If you come here youll most defenitly see some horse farms and horses, its kind of common here. We take pride in our southern culture, horses, big cities, and our UK wildcats. So come on down to Kentucky and enjoy one of the best places in the South!
by Tyler Spence123 August 13, 2011
Probably the least interesting of the United States' 50 states. Commonly referred to as the "Bluegrass state," because watching and observing their blue grass is probably the most entertaining thing you can do in the state. Most of the state is comprised of red-necks, whose average IQ is about 13. If you think that that may offend some of the natives, it's okay, most of them can't even count that high.
Parents: "Hey kids where do you want to go for vacation?"

Children: "Not Kentucky!"
by Southhater January 26, 2014
the most northern state in tha dirty south sometimes considered midwest
by kyboy August 13, 2003
I live in Kentucky, and it is beautiful, especially in the fall. I live in a semirural area (yes, there are cities. Ever heard of Lexington or Louisville?) outside of Bowling Green (population 50,000). I live about 10 miles away from the Corvette Plant, which is where all corvettes made in the last 25 years come from. Betcha didn't know that, bitch (Just kidding). It is beautiful. Many people think that we are hillbillies. Some are, but there are actually many highly intelligent people here who are doctors, lawyers, and highly skilled atheletes (Ever heard of Mohommad Ali? He was born and raised about 100 miles from where I live). In Louisville, there are many high-class buildings: it is like a mini New York, honestly. The population in Louisville is over 256,000 people. Kentucky is AWESOME!

1. Mohammed Ali was born in Louisville, Kentucky
2. The song "Happy Birthday" was written in Louisville
3. The cheeseburger was invented in, you guessed it, Louisville
4. All corvettes since 1981 were made in Bowling Green, and exported to automotive dealers worldwide
by George Woodard July 31, 2006
A name that has followed Tennessee for the past 25 years and counting.
Tennessee 30 - Kentucky 24
Tennessee 28 - Kentucky 10
Tennessee 52 - Kentucky 50
Tennessee 17 - Kentucky 12
Tennessee 27 - Kentucky 8
Tennessee 37 - Kentucky 31
Tennessee 20 - Kentucky 7
Tennessee 24 - Kentucky 0
Tennessee 38 - Kentucky 35
Tennessee 59 - Kentucky 20
Tennessee 56 - Kentucky 21
Tennessee 59 - Kentucky 21
Tennessee 59 - Kentucky 31
And so on and on and on.
You get the picture.
by Volunteers>Wildcats October 03, 2010
A state that is one of the only four "commonwealths" in the United States. It was the first western state, being settled in the 1770s, and becoming a state in 1792. It currently has the Nation's 16th largest city: Louisville, with around 690,000 people. The Commonwealth is famous for it's bourbon, coal mining, beautiful thoroughbred horses, pretty girls, rich Civil War and frontiers history, The Hatfield-McCoy Feud, Barbecue (in Owensboro), Corvettes, Bluegrass music, some of the country's finest soldiers ever produced, and it's major role in the Underground Railroad.
Following the end of the Civil War, Kentucky began to be corrupted by a handful of pro-Southern Confederate soldiers who returned to Kentucky and somehow got control of the state legislature, the courts, etc. These ex-Confederate Rebel "leaders" manipulated a large portion of the more than one million residents of the Commonwealth into thinking like them, getting involved in their culture, and everything else representative of exclusively The South. These are the same people (Confederates) who led destructive raids through the state that resulted in the destruction of rail lines and bridges, burning and plundering of private property, businesses, barns, etc., and sometimes even the harrassment of the local citizenry. Not to mention that the Southerners and pro-Southern Kentuckians were the ones who started the War in the Bluegrass by first treading upon neutral (and mainly Unionist) soil, and threatening the safety and lives of Kentuckian families.
Yes, harassment of citizens and destruction of property occurred in the Southern states (doesn't include Kentucky), but the difference was that these were Southern, Confederate states, and the majority of the citizens there were against the Union and the North. Kentucky was not like this, so it was rather unethical and wrong for that political and cultural shift to happen.
by Ryan May 21, 2005

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