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a relatively small state situated in the upper south, Kentucky is known for bourbon whiskey, horse racing, tobacco production, and college basketball. The vast majority of the state, other than northern Kentucky/Cincinnatti suburbs and parts of Louisville, shares cultural ties with Tennessee in cuisine, dialect, and many other aspects of culture.

Most of Kentucky's residents are friendly and hospitable, and many outsiders will find that Kentucky can be a very enjoyable place to visit. Along with its natural beauty, there are many other unique attractions for people to enjoy.
Kentucky: home to bluegrass, tobacco, bourbon, horses, and the most winningest college basketball program of all time.
by JimothyWilson December 29, 2009
combination of José and gay, thus making jogay.

term is applied to someone named josé who is a faggot
shut the fuck up jogay
by JimothyWilson January 30, 2010
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