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(Verb) To totter, one totters, I tottered last night!
The act of chicken sex... often accompanied by vigorous flapping.
Also, a useful code word for dorm life.
Last night I done tottered!

Caution: Tottering in Progress (TIP)

Totter bitches!
by John Smithey October 07, 2007
British version of a bitch or bastard
"Why don't you leave me alone you totter?!"
via giphy
by Willow Candace November 05, 2015
slang for "big boobies"
that babe in the miss america show had some huge totters
by your name September 19, 2004
Another word for titties.
Albert though our waitress had very nice totters.
by MikeNewton April 23, 2006
large, voluptuous breasts
wow... look at those totters! I just want to nuzzle up in there and motor boat those puppies.
by PrincessTotters October 22, 2007
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