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A woman who is a bit of a Diva. Highly fashion conscious, and very partial to oversized earrings and high heels. Heart of Gold, but extra kudos if its 24ct.
"Woah, those are some huge earrings!"
"Yeah, I'm feeling a bit Keisha today"
by charlegirluk August 27, 2008
A classy girl/ woman. Smart. Intelligent. Loves to learn. Loves nature. Organized. Fun. Somewhat flirty. Beautiful smile. Nice skin tone. Cleans daily. Loves to make people smile and laugh. Sometimes instigates. Loves hard. Heart of gold. Loves to shop esp. for shoes. Spoiled. Occasionally nags. Has lazy days. Loves a hard working man that handles his business. Will put her religion to the side. Bi-polar at times. Loves daiquiris. Sexy in her own unique way.
OMG! You are keisha-ing me!
by QtPie4u February 03, 2010
Classy female, with a heart of gold. Goes the extra mile for people. Usually afraid of Tonys, but is a quiet freak.
Yo she's acting like a Keisha.
She's Keishaing it up right there.
by Kentu3 November 23, 2009
The most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. No words can do justice to explain how amazing she is. Inside and out.

Whenever I conjure up her image I can't stop smiling.
Keisha is miles above my league.
by Browkward September 30, 2011
A women that tries to steal yo boyfriend/fiance/husband/lover
Watch out for that Keisha she bad
by Erny Salcedo August 01, 2014
Heard on 95.5 FM (Washington DC) this morning something funny, see below. . .
Excited Teen: Y'all seen da new R Kelly video, its all asian an stuff, he gots Keisha girls on it!!!
DJ: What? Girl you mean Geisha girls, Keisha's yo cousin.
Teen: Huhn? Geisha girls?
by Busy Bone August 12, 2003
a sexy part black part Asian girl with nice big tits and gorgeous face. very flirtatious and loves bondage.
by dingdong548746 September 01, 2008