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2 definitions by QtPie4u

A classy girl/ woman. Smart. Intelligent. Loves to learn. Loves nature. Organized. Fun. Somewhat flirty. Beautiful smile. Nice skin tone. Cleans daily. Loves to make people smile and laugh. Sometimes instigates. Loves hard. Heart of gold. Loves to shop esp. for shoes. Spoiled. Occasionally nags. Has lazy days. Loves a hard working man that handles his business. Will put her religion to the side. Bi-polar at times. Loves daiquiris. Sexy in her own unique way.
OMG! You are keisha-ing me!
by QtPie4u February 03, 2010
696 325
going on a sexual escapade with a man hung like a horse
Girl: Where are you going?
Girl 2: Going to see a man about a horse.
Girl: Dang! Have fun and don't hurt yourself!
by QtPie4u July 31, 2010
83 553