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A kilogram (kg), usually of drug, more specifically cocaine.
I'm pushin' cane by the keezy
by DJ Pad July 24, 2006
A person who is pussy whipped, instead of going out with friends and doing things he has planned to do for days he submits to his girlfriend of 2 weeks and answers her every beck and call. Anyone caught doing this so early in the relationship is known as a Keezy.
ME: Hey dude, we are going out to eat on sunday night, you in?
HIM: Yea i'll be there bro!

Sunday night:
ME: Dude, are you goin up there?
HIM: No I decided to spend the day at #####'s grandmas house and clean the sand out of my vagina. Sorry dude.
ME: Dude, you're such a keezy
by Thrillville September 27, 2009
Huge slut, Usually seen sucking dicks. She likes to get pounded from behind.
wow Anna, your a fucking keezy.
by Gnarland September 30, 2010
A snake; a person who snitches; someone who is not one hundred with you.
Aye Brah! That old lady on the porch is a keezy she always telling everything she see.
by Kingsimone December 01, 2015
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