a closing statement used to say goodbye and often by Christians as a reminder to keep their faith real - as in not hypocritical.
(after a bible study has ended) Later bro, keep it real!
#goodbye #later #adios #christian #faith
by ling-James December 12, 2009
To constantly cover the lies with masks of truth.
Don't tell anyone about me and you. If anyone asks, keep it real.
#keeping it real #true #lies #fake #phony
by shinobi_nite December 29, 2009
A term used to define the "realocity" of an individual. Often used to describe how "tough" or "ganga-skilled" one is.
Shanequa:I been sleepin' wit yo man, beyotch! *insert two finger snaps for good measure*
Ranaenae:Oh no you did not!
Shanequa:Oh yes I did, bitch! Whatchu gonna do about it?
Ranaenae:I gonna keep it real, you chickenhead.
*insert some low-class rap and a "pimped out" low rider.*
---===15 minutes later===---
Ranaenae shows up at Shanequa's abode in her worn out Cutlass Supreme carring a wooden baseball bat and a half-empty carton of eggs. First, she smashes out the front window of Shanequa's car, and proceeds to cake both the car and house with the eggs. Moments later, police arive on the scene to find Ranaenae scrawling something on Shanequa's house with black spraypaint. The then arrest her, throw her in their cruiser, and take her down to the police station. Ranaenae then claims police brutality and is released, so as promote good relations with the public.
by Josh from AK March 24, 2004
Keep it unreal, virtual (shortened to keep it short).
"You say keep it real, but mean the last gasp of reality before it goes six deep, like the last bubbles bursting from a drowning man. It no longer matters whether "real" really means real or phony, or virtual, or normal as usual or any old shit. Reality doesn't need to be kept, thank you, and, in case you haven't noticed, it can't be gotten rid of in the first (or last) place. Reality, good, bad or indifferent, is all there is. You either take it or it takes you. If you leave it, you're dead, which is real for keeps."

from Jean-Marie Clarke, Urban Myths Die the Hardest, Ballymore, Ire. 2006.
#real #reality #virtual #phony #keep
by Fausten March 13, 2008
Something you say when jokingly referring to real life.
Uh-UH! You did not just fart hella loud out here in the woods!

Ay, yo! Is all good. Errbody does it, right? KEEPIN IT REAL, yo!!
by Joshiro007 February 19, 2003
To not any shit from anybody, if they wanna mess then you mess,
To keep it real is to do shit that you know will fuck you over later but you do it anyway becuase you know, you got to keep it real
Johnny: "i dunno if i wanna do this, there are people in there"
Andre: "Shut the FUCK up bitch, We keep it real!!!, Now light that shit on fire"
A farewell gesture by "hard cunts" or heinouss five members...

Often done with the beating of the chest

Often said at the end of a conversation that began with "Koweeee Cobbber!"
"Keep it real cobber!" *hangs up phone*

by Pearson March 31, 2003
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