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Comes from Greek Mythoglogy meaning the Beautiful One, also meaning a person who is extremly cool and sexy. Meaning a female who will take over the world one day by seducing the president!!
" Damn.....Look at that girl she is so Keelie"
by Breaking Eos February 04, 2010
-a beautiful girl with a perfect butt. One who gets all of the guys whipped.

-one who is super hot
dude shes soooo beautiful with such a perfect ass .

its cuz shes a keelie dude thats why she has almost every guy whipped.
by abcdef. July 23, 2011
A very beautiful, sexy, smart and outgoing girl. She always has a smile on her face and seems to make friends where ever she goes and always keeps in contact. She knows how to break the ice and can make you smile or laugh at your worst. Keelie meaning "sweet angel" in ancient Roman, lives up to her name. Those who hold a Keelie or kiss a Keelie always seem to contract good luck. Finding a Keelie is finding a best friend or even more, another half.
Man, I really wish I had a Keelie right now!
My girlfriend Keelie is the best! I'm so lucky to have her.

You should ask Keelie out, she would always put you in a good mood.
by Keylime May 09, 2013
to have someone urinate on you in the shower. Type of sexual fettish.
"have you ever tried the Keelie? sounds gross but it is very arousing"

in the shower.. "go on, let it all out, do the keelie on me"
by snakeytat November 14, 2009
A noun now used as an adjective, something crazy or poserish, something that is stupid yet funny.
OMG, that long sparkly puke-green skirt is so keelie.
by Becky April 19, 2005
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